Today’s adolescent generation faces many challenges that generations in the past did not, and childhood obesity is one of them. With unhealthy school lunches being served and increased access to sugary snacks, it can be tough for teens to make healthy choices on their own. As a result, we’re seeing more adolescents put on excess weight which increases their risk of many health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Obesity prevention starts at home, so it’s important for parents to ensure that they are providing balanced meals and teaching kids about making healthier choices before teenagers have fully formed habits around food. In this blog post, I will cover the prevalence of teen obesity today as well as effective tips for how parents can help prevent excessive weight gain among children and adolescents.

The prevalence of teen obesity has dramatically increased over recent years. Today, one in five teens is considered obese, and this number continues to rise. Unhealthy school lunches, the availability of sugary snacks, and a lack of physical activity all contribute to the problem. Additionally, many teens feel pressure from peers or from social media to be slim which can lead them to develop unhealthy habits such as skipping meals or engaging in extreme exercise patterns rather than focusing on healthy eating habits. So what can parents do to help prevent teen obesity?

Here are some Tips for Obesity Prevention

  1. Encourage healthy eating.Provide a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains for your teen to choose from during meals. Encourage them to try different foods and flavors without pressuring them to eat something they don’t enjoy.

  2. Cook at home more often.Eating out or purchasing pre-packaged food is associated with higher calorie intake, so cooking at home allows you to control the ingredients that go into your family’s meals while also teaching teens important cooking skills.

  3. Reduce screen time.Teens today can often be found in front of their phones, televisions, or computers which can lead to excessive snacking and less physical activity overall. Instead, encourage teens to participate in outdoor activities such as biking or sports teams.

  4. Speak openly about body image.As mentioned, teens can feel a lot of pressure to maintain a certain body type which can lead them to develop unhealthy habits in order to reach their goals. Instead, discuss with your teen the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and exercising for physical health rather than aesthetic reasons.

  5. Promote portion control.Teach teens how to listen to their bodies cues so that they don’t overeat or restrict themselves from necessary nutrients. Also, teach them how to differentiate between hunger and cravings so that they make healthier choices when it comes to snacking throughout the day.

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By following these tips, parents can help prevent teen obesity and help their teens lead healthier lives. While it can be difficult to encourage healthy habits in adolescents, parents should remember that their influence can make a huge difference. By leading by example and engaging in open conversations about health, parents can set their teens up for success. If you have questions about obesity or ways to treat it, please contact us today Best Obesity Surgeon in Ahmedabad.

Dr Atul Shah

Dr Atul Shah

Dr. Atul Shah is a senior Laparoscopic & GI Surgeon practicing at Ahmedabad for more than 25 years. At present he is the MEDICAL DIRECTOR, at Kaizen institute of Gastroenterology and practicing laparoscopic Bariatric and Hernia surgeon.

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