A Word about AWR

AWR is an abbreviation for Abdominal Wall Reconstruction. This is a relatively newer branch of general surgery which aims to restore the continuity and functionality of abdominal wall by fixing the hernia and diastasis of recti.

Surgical solutions/services:

  • e-TEP :The most advanced surgical approach for inguinal, incisional, umbilical hernia, epigastric hernias and recurrent hernia.
  • TAR –Complex hernias, hernias with loss of domain and multiply recurrent hernias may need this highly complex surgery known as Transversus abdominis release.
  • SCOLA –Subcutaneous Onlay Laparoscopic Approach is a minimally invasive approach for small umbilical hernia or epigastric hernia with diastasis recti or distasis recti alone.
  • BOTOX –Hernia with loss of domain may need temporary paralysis of muscles for complete reduction of hernia contents.
  • PPP – Pre-operative Progressive Pneumoperitoneum is an adjunct used in modern-day hernia surgery in cases of loss of domain hernia.