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Dr. Atul Shah Hernia Surgeon In Ahmedabad offers top-notch treatment for hernia patients. A hernia happens when the muscle or tissue that normally holds a portion of your internal organs back bulges through a hole or weakening.

Dr. Shah uses a laparoscopic incision, which is less invasive, painless and quick. The majority of hernias occur when an abdominal organ protrudes through the abdominal cavity’s wall. We also have the best Hernia Specialist In Ahmedabad with expertise in complete abdominal wall repair. You will discover a track record of success and experience with surgery for virtually every type of hernia with us.

What is Hernia?

When an organ or fatty tissue pushes through a weak area in the fascia or surrounding muscles, it causes a hernia. As you become older and your muscles start to see constant wear and tear, hernias can develop gradually. They may also be the result of an operation, an injury, or a birth defect.

They can have a variety of origins and frequently occur where the abdominal wall is weaker, such as in the abdomen (belly area) or groin.

Do Hernia Require Emergency Care?

Hernias may cause pain. They occasionally require urgent care. If a hernia is “incarcerated,” it is an emergency. In this situation tissue (such as from the colon) falls through the hernia and becomes trapped in an incarcerated hernia. Stool might not pass normally, which could result in pain, nauseousness, vomiting, and even tearing of the intestinal wall.

What Kind of Hernia Requires Emergency Care?

When a hernia that is imprisoned becomes “strangulated,” the gut tissue has begun to deteriorate and requires immediate treatment. In such emergency cases you should alway get help from the best Hernia Doctor In Ahmedabad for a positive outcome.

What are the Symptoms of Hernia?

  • Your hernia hurts so much and is bloated, red, or expanding quickly.
  • You feel queasy or vomit.
  • You are bloated or constipated.
  • You’re feverish.

What Causes Hernia to Get Worse?

There is a good chance that your hernia difficulties will get worse if you are lifting large objects or bending over to pick something up while you are having hernia troubles.


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Types of Hernia

The more frequent hernias, which come in several kinds, are external hernias.

Inguinal Hernia

The most common type of hernia is an inguinal hernia, which causes a groin bulge that gets worse when you stand up and goes away when you lie down. Inguinal hernias can affect both men and women.

Umbilical Hernia

A navel hernia is what this is. Females frequently experience this, especially after giving birth. The most frequent reason for navel deformity is an umbilical hernia.

Epigastric Hernia

This kind of hernia usually develops in the upper middle part of the abdomen. Even though they are little, for some people they can be extremely painful.

Incisional Hernia

Incisional hernia is the name for a hernia that develops following abdominal surgery. The sort of incision chosen for main surgery will determine the location. Hernias following C-sections are rather common.

Lumbar Hernia

These hernias are the kind that are typically found on the outside of the abdomen, particularly following open kidney procedures.

Spigelian Hernia

These are hernias that could have developed through a weak spot in the abdominal wall. These are not ones that are frequently observed in the outer section.

Diastasis of recti

Females frequently have pendulous and flabby abdomens after giving birth because the muscles are divided along the midline. It results in back pain, constipation, an unattractive tummy, and poor exercise tolerance. It is treatable surgically using a minimally invasive method.
  • Inguinal hernias, which are most frequently observed in men, are one of the hernias that can arise in the groin area.
  • Other femoral hernias can be seen in the upper thigh, close to the groin. Although rare in hernia cases, these are more common in women.
  • A ventral hernia, which is one of the most prevalent hernia instances, develops in the abdomen.

Dr. Atul Shah Hernia Surgeon In Ahmedabad provides treatment for all kinds of external hernia.

Internal hernias are the more common ones and are of several types


Paraesophageal and Diaphragmatic hernia, Hiatus hernia

These occur when the stomach pushes through the diaphragm into the chest cavity. The two most frequent symptoms are heartburn and reflux.

Parastomal hernias

When the abdominal contents, mainly the stomach, migrates to the chest cavity through diaphragm it results in diaphragmatic hernia. Reflux and heartburn are the most common symptoms associated with it.

Femoral Hernia

Moreover, the groin exhibits this. more frequently in women than in men.

When it comes to the treatment of Internal Hernias Dr. Atul Shah is unrivaled Hernia Specialist In Ahmedabad. You must reach out to Dr. Atul Shah if you are suffering from heartburn, extreme acidity and reflux.

Multidisciplinary Team with Expertise in Hernia Treatment

Our bariatric and hernia surgery experts offer the most objective professional care and outline what patients can anticipate at each step of the surgical process, from weighing their options to maintaining their weight.

How is a Hernia Diagnosed?

When you come to our clinic, our one of the Best Hernia Doctor In Ahmedabad Dr. Atul Shah will do all the required tests to identify whether you have a hernia and the severity of your condition. Depending on the severity of your ailment, this will enable them to recommend a suitable solution.

Dr. Atul Shah will initially do a physical examination of the affected area. Tests including an abdominal CT scan, MRI scans, and abdominal ultrasounds will come after this. In order to perform surgery or other suitable treatment, the tests will enable the doctor to pinpoint the precise spot or source of the hernia’s etiology.

Why Is Surgery for Hernias Important?

No matter where a hernia is located in the body, pain is one of the main symptoms. Hernia surgery is essential in order to relieve the excruciating agony. The problem is that, despite the fact that you can utilize different therapies, hernia situations can quickly get out of hand and harm your body much more. We provide laparoscopic hernia surgery if you’re seeking for minimally invasive hernia repair.

With Hernia Treatment by Dr. Atul Shah You Get

  • Minimal Bleeding, Minimal Cuts, Zero Pain with a minimally invasive procedure
  • Quick Surgical Procedure that is done within an hour
  • Just one stitch
  • Fast recovery
  • Highly affordable.

If you have a hernia any delay in treatment will only cause complications. At Dr. Atul Shah’s Hospital, the best hernia surgeon in Ahmedabad provides non-invasive laparoscopic treatment for Hernia using the latest technology. Make an appointment right away to discuss your surgical concerns with your doctor.