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We have a skilled surgical team along with experienced Hernia surgeons in Ahmedabad who can perform a wide range of hernia surgery. Our surgery process involves a minimal invasive laparoscopic incision. We also have surgeons who are experienced in full abdominal wall reconstruction for more complex cases. With us, you will find a proven record and experience of surgery related to almost every type of hernia.

Our primary surgeon Dr. Atul Shah is known for his experience as a top surgeon in the region and in Ahmedabad. Apart from surgery, your doctor will also help you with hernia treatments, hernia prevention, and many more.

Before choosing a doctor for your hernia surgery or treatment, it is logical that you are looking for someone that is not just talented but must also have a few years of experience to ensure that they have been through at least the most common of the cases. Dr. Atul Shah is a hernia specialist in Ahmedabad who has a proven track record and is a highly experienced hernia doctor.

What is a Hernia?

Hernia can be defined as a tear in your muscles or tissues which forces parts of your inside to bulge out – which can include internal organs or intestines. Hernias can be visible at times, given where it is located or how big it is. There are high chances that hernia issues can get worse – if you are working heavy jobs, like lifting heavy objects or bending over to pick up something, while you are suffering from the condition.

One of the most common places of hernia occurrence is your groin area, which falls under inguinal hernias and is mostly found in men. There are other femoral hernias, which are found in the upper thigh near the groin. These are more prevalent in women but is also rare in hernia case. One of the most common hernia cases is called a ventral hernia, and is found in the abdomen


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External hernias are the more common ones and are of several types


Inguinal Hernia

Seen very commonly, a swelling in the groin may which appears on standing and reduces on lying down may be an Inguinal hernia. Both females and males may suffer from Inguinal hernia.

Umbilical Hernia

This is a hernia of the navel. Quite commonly seen in females, especially post pregnancy. Umbilical hernia is the most common cause of disfigurement of navel region.

Epigastric Hernia

This type of hernia is seen in the mid upper portion of the abdomen. Although small they may be very painful in a few individuals.

Incisional Hernia

Hernia that appear post abdominal surgery is known as Incisional hernia. The location depends upon the type of incision chosen for primary surgery. Post C-section hernias are not uncommon.

Lumbar Hernia

These are the type of hernias seen in the outer side of the abdomen, especially after open kidney surgeries.

Spigelian Hernia

These are hernias through a potential weak site in the abdominal cavity. Seen in the outer part, these are not very common ones.

Diastasis of recti

Pendulous and flabby abdomen is common for females after delivery mainly occurs, because the muscles are separated in the midline. It causes a cosmetically poor looking belly, backache, constipation and poor exercise tolerance. It can be corrected surgically with minimally invasive approach.

Internal hernias are the more common ones and are of several types


Paraesophageal and Diagphragmatic hernia, Hiatus hernia

When the stomach migrates to chest cavity through the diaphragm, it results in diaphragmatic hernia. Reflux and heartburn are the most common symptoms associated with it.

Parastomal hernias

When the abdominal contents, mainly stomach, migrates to chest cavity through diaphragm results in diaphragmatic hernia. Reflux and heartburn are the most common symptoms associated with it.

Femoral Hernia

This is also seen in the groin. More commonly in females than males.

Multidisciplinary Team with expertisation

Our Bariatric and Hernia Surgery specialists provides the most unbiased professional treatment and explain what one can expect during each stage of surgery process, from choosing your options to maintaining your weight.

Why is Hernia Surgery Important?

Pain is one of the top symptoms of hernia regardless of the part of the body it resides. To get rid of the tremendous pain hernia surgery is crucial. The thing is that although you can use other treatments, hernia situations can easily escalate and cause further damage to your system.  If you are looking for non-invasive hernia surgery, laparoscopic hernia surgery is what we do.

With us, you have:

  • Minimal cuts with a minimally invasive procedure
  • Fast surgery that is done within an hour
  • Post-surgery pain is minimal
  • You will have a single stitch
  • Doesn’t take too long for recovery
  • Highly affordable and cost-effective

How is a Hernia Diagnosed?

Once you visit our clinic, our hernia specialist doctor will perform all the necessary tests to determine if you have a hernia and how severe your disease is. This will help them suggest an appropriate solution depending on the severity of your disease.

At first, Dr. Atul Shah will physically examine the affected region. This will be followed by tests like an abdominal ultrasound, abdominal CT scan, MRI scans, etc. The tests will help the doctor know the exact point or root of the hernia cause and finally will work on the surgery or appropriate treatment.

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