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While there are many bariatric surgeons available, obesity surgery in Ahmedabad specialization is not as common because not every bariatric surgeon is an obesity surgeon. Even though there are many general bariatric surgeons, Dr. Atul Shah, specializes in weight loss surgery, or what you can call obesity treatment.

When it comes to weight loss-related treatments, it is important that you find a doctor that is not just knowledgeable and from a reputed university but also is experienced in what they do. Moreover, you should focus on their success rate, as it plays a critical role, and it is only logical to do so.

Dr. Atul Shah is an incredibly experienced obesity doctor in Ahmedabad who has a proven track record of helping many patients lose weight and lead a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.

But before we get more into it, let’s take you through what we offer and who we are.

What is an Obesity Surgeon?

Dr. Atul Shah is an obesity surgeon that offers obesity treatment in Ahmedabad. An obesity surgeon performs obesity or bariatric surgery on patients for weight loss, helping the patients lead a healthy lifestyle afterward. Bariatric surgery, also called weight loss surgery, is performed on obese people. The process involves the reduction of the size of the stomach by using an implanted medical device or by removing a part of the stomach.

Sometimes this process can also involve reacting or re-routing the small intestines to a small stomach pouch in order to achieve weight loss.

How Is Obesity Measured?

Both BMI and waist circumference are appropriate measurement systems to measure obesity. However, none of these can be considered a dedicated or ideal method for measuring obesity. But these are what doctors or clinicians use to analyze if you are overweight.

The BMI measurement is considered against the height of the person, along with their weight.


Your BMI is

BMI Weight status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5-23.4 Normal
23.5-27.5 Overweight
27.6-32.4 Obese (Class I)
32.5-37.5 Obese (Class II)
37.5 and higher Extreme obesity (Class III)


Kind and Empathising staff and doctors, who will take care to ensure all concerns are addressed. The team is consciously focused on delivering the highest level of service, starting from how phone calls are handled to how complex surgeries are performed.

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Multidisciplinary Team with expertisation

Our Bariatric and obesity surgeon in Ahmedabad provides the most unbiased professional treatment and explain what one can expect during each stage of surgery process, from choosing your options to maintaining your weight.

Find some common information related to obesity surgery

What is obesity?

Obese is highly related to fat in the body. It is a complex and chronic disease where a person has excessive, more than necessary body fat. A lot of factors can lead to this, but sometimes poor health or poor lifestyle is the main culprit.

Body fat itself is not the problem, nor is it a disease. However, when extra fat makes your body overweight, your body functions differently than it does normally. If these issues with overweight are not addressed sooner, your body is exposed to various health risks like blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, etc.

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Why is Obesity Surgery Necessary?

A lot of obese patients tend to opt for this surgery as a last resort. After they have tried many diets or weight loss programs, if they have been unsuccessful, they tend to look for methods like surgery.

The thing about obesity and unhealthy lifestyle is that it can impact one another in more than one way. Many patients fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle because of obesity, and vice versa. Sometimes, it can be a loop that never ends unless there’s surgery.

Many reports and studies have claimed that bariatric surgery has caused a reduction in mortality and other medical conditions. Many patients have also talked about feeling alive and healthy again or for the first time, post-surgery.

If you are someone who cares about living longer, along with having a quality lifestyle, then bariatric surgery is for you.

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