How Roux-en-y bypass surgery is performed?

With our obesity surgery specialist in Ahmedabad, we perform Roux en bypass surgery at our clinic In Ahmedabad. In this bariatric treatment procedure, a micro pouch is created from the native stomach. The micro pouch is then connected to a bypassed small intestine limb, known as the alimentary limb, which empties the micropouch. The bile travels through the biliopancreatic limb to join the alimentary to form a common channel and helps in digestion of fat and protein.

Benefits of Roux-en-y bypass surgery

This Bariatric treatment results in weight loss due to reduced intake of food (restrictive component) and non-digestion of fat (malabsorptive component). This creates a negative energy balance that ensures not just weight loss but also long-term maintenance of it. This also has been proven to cure metabolic disorders like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, high Cholesterol, OSA, Infertility and fatty liver.

Recovery process after Roux-en-y bypass surgery

Our expert surgeons perform this Bariatric operation with a minimally invasive approach or laparoscopically and takes about an hour. Because of this, the recovery is instant and almost painless. Post-surgery liquids are started a few hours after the surgery and gradually increased depending upon one’s recovery. After first week high protein diet is resumed. Routine chores like household work, personal care, and walking are encouraged from day one after the operation. Our Bariatric Nutritionist is constantly there to guide you throughout your weight loss journey and beyond.


Your BMI is

BMI Weight status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5-23.4 Normal
23.5-27.5 Overweight
27.6-32.4 Obese (Class I)
32.5-37.5 Obese (Class II)
37.5 and higher Extreme obesity (Class III)